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Chair of maintenance

Time:2016-12-09 Hit:1356

Table is our diet associates, cherish it not only for we save tide old change new costs, more let us at the diner has a comfortable environment, the following offer you some table cleaning maintenance rules, let your table am glad to have a good master, you also have a nice meals the have dinner mood!

Table 1, avoid to maintain the container with a cup of hot water or hot soup, tableware directly display on the table, and should with the cup pad or heat insulation pad with desktop extinct.

Table maintenance 2, if because long for heat exchanger in desktop, leaving a DaoBai group mark, right now usable cotton with camphor oil to clean, along the white scale traces back and forth like to draw circles generally wipe, should be able to easily will trace purify.

Table maintenance 3, glass table white scale, as long as the white scale place pour some prebrushing oil, reoccupy old silk socks erase the can.

Table maintenance 4, colored dinning chair can use first dyes in blow wounds do complementary color moves, dyestuff dry after another, evenly upper light wax.

Table maintenance 5, because the restaurant location is usually in the kitchen door, so chair easily infected with lampblack, users should wipe, diligently to reduce dust adherence, facilitate future cleaning.

Table maintenance 6, to avoid pollution infected with hard purify, might as well use chair cover to protect your love chair, accidentally dirty, just putting chair cover dismantling the cleaning, convenient and easy, more do not hurt the eat chair.

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