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Life home decorate guide: dining-room decorate furniture design

Time:2016-12-09 Hit:1179

In modern urban life busy and nervous, a warm home can bring every person most relaxation leisure time. But how to lets the home become warm and comfortable? As long as the master a few tips, you can easily create pleasant home. Small make up for your home life prepared from the building decorates to decorate household and so on a series of fashion information, help you have relaxed and comfortable life.

Dining-room is the family used to dine space, also be the most family often gather place. Comfortable dines environment in separate dining-room is preferred, but due to the concern of space, and many will dining-room and kitchen into an organic whole repeatedly, the intermediate partition make cupboard and condole terms cupboard, this also is a kind of good design. Dining-room furniture mainly includes table, chair, cupboard, etc, general form and scale are as follows: table in the form of desktop form cent mainly have rectangular table and circular table two categories, including rectangular table is square table, long square table, multilateral table, etc, the circular table including roundtable, directed roundtable, etc. In order to support the structure points are mainly desktop alone column supporting type, biplate supporting type, four feet supporting type to wait for a few kinds.

dinning chair generally do not set armrest, such meal will there be literally comfortable feeling. But there are also in more formal occasions or display Lord seat when using arm-chairs chair, solemn atmosphere or to show that makes the person feels sit comfortably a some. Eat chair seat high is very exquisite, usually should keep in 420-440mm and between chair in the desktop height difference should keep at 280-320mm between. Besides chair seat width should be no less than before 380mm, humpbacks 340-420mm deep between, the back of the chair total height in 850-1000mm between advisable.

The cupboard form many use two monomers fluctuation combined-type design, the top USES glass through door structure, in order to show tableware and drinking appliance beautiful modelling, usually in the depth of 260-350mm between. Lower for low ark, a top slightly darker, with 400-450mm advisable. Eat cabinet height and width, as long as there is no certain size and integral space proportion coordination can. Eat cabinet form and partition type low ark and condole ark type and so on, which are based on space division of the special needs of design, which scales the size determine basic around. The cupboard design should delicate and exquisite, function differentiates reasonable appropriately, and at the same time at the top of the glass doors should do their possible use 8mm thick glass shelf, and in every fan perspective door and roof corresponding position setting light-gathering quartz tube light.

So, through modeling lamplight and materials to cooperate, a perfect lively atmosphere, expressive food division scene will unfold eyes. Eat cabinet height and width without certain size, mainly with integral space proportion coordination can. The cupboard form and partition type, low cabinet or condole ark type and so on, which are based on space division of the special needs of design, which scales the size determine basic around.

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