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Solid wood and veneer and stickers puzzled

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Modern wood furniture development so far, and has formed, style diversity, variety complete, the scale range of large market pattern. Worldwide-diversified market in provide rich choose while, also derives good and evil people mixed up, LiangYou difficult points. As a customer, when buying must polish eyes.

Solid wood used makings teach less varieties and local and precious timber rarely used real wood. Such as soliddinning chair more common, but often it is high-grade use imported ju, middle-grade with maple, birch, domestic ju, cheap with rubber wood, etc. If somebody tells you he sell is "import black walnut wood chair", after yuan a, then he must be over by you. That chair mostly with birch with color paint dyed black walnut color, similar to these practices in domestic and foreign furniture industry is very common. But I was to save cost and harmonious supporting's original intention, but has been utilized to suspected, had to prevent.

Modern furniture facing material many, including veneer and paster all very common, but class is completely different. Veneer furniture rich natural texture, attractive and durable, but the price is relatively high, but the sticker furniture wear easily, fear water, so collision, but the price is low, belong to product of in a popular style. Some wear degree not big, not nearly water furniture with stickers at present mainly varieties, such as shoe ark, bookcase, etc.

Client patronage furniture store, will see the price ticket still tied on such as "walnut ground ark", "cherry wood tea table", "ju wood chair" etc instructions. At that time, make clear is solid wood, wood or paster, is critical. Solid wood, stick wood of cherry wood furniture can be called ", "but of paster can only call" cherry wood furniture ", otherwise it will belong to pass away the sham as the genuine lift.

Solid wood --, mu wen, wood rays (if there is usually appears as "needle") clearly visible, more or less should have some natural defects (knag, wood, spot of the black line, etc.). The same block solid wood, whether board or batten, its two interface behavior between mu wen should be able to obvious cross-sections and cross-sectional natural cohesion.

Veneer --, mu wen, wood rays clear. Also should have natural flaws. For veneer has certain thickness (0.5 mm control), make furniture is encountered in the interface behavior between two neighboring, usually don't turn, but each stick piece, so two interface mu wen generally should not join.

Sticker --, wood, wood rays clearly visible and even advanced import paper, even wood defects can also be imitated, but with natural mumupi or differ, appear more false. Sticker furniture in the corners easy open to the objection. Another mu wen paper for thickness is small (0.08 mm), in two plane junction will directly bag in the past, causing two interfaces grain is conterminous.

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