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Tropitone introduces URComfort cushion outdoor seating

Time:2016-12-09 Hit:1287

URComfort cushion seating harmonizes with the movement of your body to find the most comfortable position," said Mark Gorr, vice president of product management and consumer sales, Tropitone. "Whether you are sitting at a table in a dinning chair or relaxing in a swivel-action lounger with your feet on an ottoman, URComfort finds the most comfortable position for you. And it stays in that position unless you want to move. Then it moves with you. URComfort is an elegant fusion of design and engineering."

URComfort is being offered in two of Tropitone's most popular frame designs, Montreux and Lakeside. Both were designed by Peter Homestead, vice president of design. "Montreux and Lakeside have been extremely successful for us and their designs can be adapted to a broad range of styles with multiple finish and fabric options. We wanted to match this innovative idea with trusted designs."

The cushion design of URComfort is also new for Tropitone. "URComfort is a very compelling idea. We wanted to make sure the cushion designs were equally as attractive," said Victoria Dawson, manager of fashion design and marketing events who created the designs. "The URComfort designs began with our proprietary RELAXplus cushion construction. The designs for both Montreux and Lakeside URComfort are the most fully finished of any of our designs to date. Additionally, Lakeside can be ordered with optional fabric side panels that take the design one step further."

Design is enhanced by the function and comfort of the URComfort articulated movement system. A patent for the system has been applied for and is pending. "Conventional outdoor recliners are single-pivot-point movement systems that utilize a manual ratchet or some other indexing device to set the angle of the back," said Richard Rivera, vice president of engineering. "The seat stays in one position while the back can be manually adjusted to various fixed angles. While products using this design are functional and comfortable, our engineering objective was to take both to another level."

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